Q & A

Regardless of the questions about possible issues, or possible failures, we stand by our service and product! Bottom line. 

Why do I believe it will not fail? 

Failing to me is not an option and if one strategy does not work, I re-evaluate the work to improve it and proceed. What makes us successful is our competitive work ethic and people skills.

If asked about being a profit organization…?

We are but we still plan to give back to the community by creating jobs in the community, sponsoring charity events, and having other organizations join us in fundraising for local communities annually….

If  we are asked about the competition that’s out there…?

Our services our unique because our style of service is unique because of each individual are practicing skills and professionalism that we have not seen or experienced ourselves as customers. We are willing to take a few steps further over our competitors to get the job done and do what others are not willing to do.

If asked about whether or not the nursing homes can afford our services…?

Our prices will be adjusted by the number of patient files, offices, staff and training ours needed…Not all of them will pay the same price and the Apple products will have a great discount of 20% off, or whatever you guys agreed to…Yes there will be warranties available for the Apple products they will buy.

Any other random question that sounds like something that the nursing homes will have to decide on, I think you all should keep it simple by replying “that would be up to the nursing homes to decide or their responsibility and we would respect it as professionals”. Either way remember to stand firm and repeat that we believe on our firm and stand by it…




Presentation Revised # 2

Presentation Pitch 2012

Okay yall Look at this and insert what is missing and tell me as well. Any changes you all make and save let me know and we’ll continue this tomorrow. Hope the story is becoming clearer now and looks almost ready! We still need the 1st slide Logo and tagline and anything else missing in 4,5,6 that yall want to add. We have not discussed liability issues, and insurance so I put that in the slide for Q & A time. We’ll discuss it in the morning so we can be ready if they ask us.

Slide One

Starr Enterprises


Look to the Starrs when you need fast answers!


Helping to better the lives of the Starrs in your life!




For some reason, the picture won’t upload onto this post no matter which way i try to attach it. I showed you all the image last week, but we can always change it if you don’t agree on it being our logo for Starr Enterprise. Also, I want to edit the image slightly so that we can fit our slogan in with it so it is like one big image with words as well.


Here is the website which I found the image. You should be able to see it here. I asked last time if we needed to cite it since it was not an original design, but he said no.